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Planning, Housing, Dementia Coach
Housing & Family Support
Family Support
Hanson, RN
Family Liaison
Shawna Kelsch
Seniors Housing
Villard, NP
Heather Livingstone
Housing & Dementia Coach
Family Support

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In 2016 Kathy recognized the need for a service that would help to address the challenges and frustrations that seniors and their families face when trying to identify and access, in a timely manner, the myriad of senior services that exist.

There are many government reports that indicate planning ahead for ones’ senior years will be crucial in our current environment of overstretched health care and constricted government funding. However their is no support to help families plan ahead. 

In creating Proactive Seniors, our team addresses this need by helping our clients navigate difficult discussions and decisions related to planning for aging.

We are blessed to be doing work that we love and having a positive impact on one of our most valuable resources – our seniors.

Our mission is to provide a personalized service of unparalleled value wherein seniors and their families are enabled to live their lives to the fullest through proactive planning and preparation for future aging needs.

We envision elders transitioning smoothly and confidently through their senior years. They live in the right location for their needs and wishes. They benefit from timely access to supportive aging services when and where they need them. Their families and caregivers feel comfortable and prepared in their roles and are confident their loved ones are living well with their personal choices and wishes met.

Values That Our Team Holds Dear

We are committed to providing exceptional quality support that enables seniors to live and thrive in their communities.


Everyone has different life circumstances and requires a plan that meets their unique needs and wishes. There is no cookie-cutter solution; we consider all options for your support, whether that be public, private, subsidized or the ideal combination of them all.


We really do understand caregiving, loving, loss, change, relationships and aging. This is not an easy road to walk. Compassion is our foundation and we will listen and support you in your journey.

Being Helpful

This is truly our purpose. We are here to help lighten your load, simplify your choices and support your decision making. Helping you is what we love to do. 

Values We Wish For Our Clients

We believe that all seniors are entitled to a rich quality of life, with the opportunity to live as independently as possible.


It is our belief that having choice is critical to finding happiness with the course of your life.  Many decisions that surround planning for aging can be quite difficult but being able to choose from among your available options provides a sense of control and self-determination.  We aim to provide the information and guidance you need to make a well-informed choice.


We value and respect our client’s life experience and knowledge and strive to help create an environment and service that continues to honour and support the self-worth of our clients.


Our goal is that seniors and their families feel as prepared, confident and enthusiastic about the future as possible. Trusting that you have the information needed to make decisions, that you know who to contact for help and that you know you can always rely on us to support you along the way.