Family Support

Helping to Fill Any Gaps in Care to Ensure Smooth Transitions

Having a great plan and the right information to make informed decisions is very important.  However, sometimes there are little things that put a snag in your progress.   Family Support is our way of making sure all the barriers to success are overcome.

Our family support consultants are amazing at being proactive and problem solving.  They get tasks accomplished, organize projects and scheduling appointments.   Even more importantly, they are caring and kind people who love spending time with seniors.

Family Support Services

  1. Family Liaison

    Supporting communication between seniors, their care facility and their family members.  Ideal for circumstances when family is not in town and lines of communication are challenging.

  2. Benefits Review

    There are a myriad of federal, provincial and municipal benefits available to seniors.  We are happy to review your financial situation to see that you are getting everything you are eligible for and help you apply for those you may be missing.

  3. Companionship

    From enjoyable outings to running errands together, our family support team builds meaningful connections with our senior clients, sharing joy with each other.

  4. Moving Plan

    Creating a move plan to outline the steps needed in preparing for a move.  Referrals to trusted move service providers.

  5. Action Plan Task Support

    Keeping the action plan moving forward by helping with the tasks that seniors or their family members are not able to accomplish.  This may entail taking seniors to appointments or helping with paper work and many things in between.

  6. On Call Support

    Being available to clients in their time of need.  If something comes up and you need advice, a referral or other assistance, we are here to help – whenever you need us.

  7. Out of Town Support

    If family don’t live in the same city as the seniors or if they need to go out of town for a holiday or work, we are here to fill in.  We can visit, accompany to appointments and check in on your loved one when you can’t be there.

  8. Appointment Accompaniment

    We can pick up seniors and take them to their appointments and bring them home again.  While there, we are happy to either wait or attend the appointment and help to take notes or pass on information from the family.

“As an extremely busy professional, I was having a hard time helping out when my elderly mother needed me.  Often times I didn’t even know how to help her and tried to refer her to places like the Kerby Centre.  The problem is you don’t know what you don’t know and when I met Kathy from Proactive Seniors, it was like my prayers were answered.  Kathy and Judy have been an incredible resource and have helped my mother so much.  She really enjoys when Judy comes over for her scheduled visits and has been so much happier and better cared for than ever before.  I can’t recommend Proactive Seniors enough.”

Al Del Degan