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Please join our once monthly educational course on Seniors Housing basics. Our Seniors Housing advisors will provide very helpful information about Seniors Residences and Care Facilities in Alberta. This foundational information is essential to be able to understand and navigate through the myriad of seniors housing options available. There will be plenty of time at the end for a question and answer session as well.

Technology Message:  We use the Microsoft Teams videoconferencing platform so if you are not familiar with that application you can download the application or access it through your web browser.

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At Proactive Seniors we are committed to providing educational information to seniors and their families.  We believe that better planning, better decisions and better outcomes are achieved when people have the information that is relevant to their issues and concerns.

Technology that Supports Wellbeing
Senior with personal safety pendant
Hearing Loss –Signs and Solutions
Two men telling a secret
Staying Safe at Home
Senior fell on stairs
Caregiver Resilience
A daughter with her senior mother
Cooking Demo and The Importance of Eating Well
Grocery delivery bin
Recognizing When Help is Needed & Handling Difficult Conversations
Worried senior man with wife beside him
Building Your Support Team
Senior with consultant reviewing paper work
Dementia Communication - Keeping your Cool
Senior couple getting close
Staying Connected from a Distance (or if under Isolation Protocol)
Connecting Online with friends
Social Connections
Seniors playing cards
Supporting Your Emotional Health
Man with a foam red heart on chest


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