Proactive Seniors Planning

Senior Couple and Proactive Seniors Advisor, looking over paperwork and discussing.


Often, not knowing what help is needed is the biggest barrier to seniors having a plan and being prepared
Our Proactive Seniors Plan will clarify wishes, identify risks and provide direction
Seniors and families will know when, how and from whom, to get the help needed to stay healthy and happy

Many people don’t realize that there are a large number of services and programs available to support seniors and their caregivers.  Unfortunately, identifying and accessing these services can be complicated and time consuming so they often go unused. 

Our Proactive Seniors Plan puts you in the driver’s seat with a personal roadmap that provides detailed recommendations, referrals and an action plan so seniors and their family members know exactly what steps to take for success.  We remain as your ‘on-call’ support team for as long as you need us.

Who is Involved?
  • The Planning Team consists of the senior(s), their family members (if available) & the lead advisor
  • If family are out of town, we can link them in virtually
  • If seniors don’t have family available, that is no problem at all
  • Occasionally adult children will engage us solo, as they learn how to best support an aging parent   
  • Our whole advisory team contributes to the analysis and recommendations, bringing a broad range of expertise and experience
What is the Process?
  • Our advisors will meet everyone in the comfort & familiarity of the senior’s home
  • We complete a comprehensive health, functional, social, safety, housing & benefits evaluation  
  • We meet again to review the recommendations to ensure they match the senior’s preferences & choices   
  • Everyone has an opportunity to share their wishes & concerns as we develop an aligned path forward 
  • Our team provides logistical support as the client & family work through their action items
What are the Outcomes?
  • A shared family vision & clear plan forward for living well
  • Detailed information to support decisions & guide action
  • The right balance of support from family, health system & private providers
  • Improved physical & mental, health & wellness for seniors & their family members
  • Preservation of choice, independence, dignity & family relationships
  • A team to support you now & in the future as life progresses & needs change
Happy senior couple having a meeting with their insurance agent at home
When to Begin? 

We are happy to create a Proactive Seniors Plan at any stage of the retirement years.  We are often brought in when an incident has occurred & the family recognizes they are not as prepared as they should be.  Ideally, we encourage families to start planning discussions with us prior to a crisis occurring.

  • Imminent or new retirees who want to understand options & the costs of future care
  • Healthy & active seniors who have goals & plans they want to achieve
  • Seniors who are starting to experience some challenges & would like to get ahead of a serious event
  • Families (near or far) who would like to know how they can best support their aging parents
  • Seniors who have experienced a serious event & need a care and support plan
  • Spouse or family caregivers who need help in supporting their loved one & maintaining a healthy life balance

“My husband and I were very fortunate to work with Proactive Seniors in helping my in-laws begin planning for the next stages of their lives.  The advisor was very  knowledgable and her in-depth interview questions revealed many areas we had not originally considered.  She then compiled all of the information she had gathered into a binder that we have referenced frequently.  Her checklists and ‘Questions to Ask’ have made us feel more empowered as we look ahead to the upcoming years.  Most importantly, this process provided us with a starting point for having the necessary conversations to begin this transition.

I highly recommend Proactive Seniors.  They took what can be an emotional and difficult process and turned it into a positive experience in which all of us felt more aware of what the next steps are.”

Theresa Boone