Lori Somerville

Family Support

During my career I have learned that my strength is to listen, understand, then calmly navigate through circumstances.  Treating each individual with respect and patience provides an opportunity for connection and a chance to create something together and take the experience to another level.  All through my professional years I have enjoyed the company of “elders”.  It is a privilege to learn from their experience and wisdom.

My background includes project coordination and I am a licensed Land Agent with the province of Alberta.  The many hours I spent negotiating with a myriad of individuals with wonderfully diverse personalities, has provided such a colorful landscape from which to view the world.  I am passionate about doing my work thoroughly and well and I love to laugh and see the light and joy present all around us.   My family brings me such happiness and I relish spending time together.  Music holds a large space in my life and it provides a sense of nourishment and peace.  I enjoy reading and spending time outside, typically on a bike.

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