I absolutely love my work and I am so grateful to feel this way.  I get to work with so many wonderful seniors and families and I have gained so much from these experiences.  They have taught me to live life more in the moment than I tend to, to make an effort to see friends regularly and to maintain a sense of humour.  I also am blessed to work with the most wonderful colleagues.  My team inspires me to be creative, to learn from their knowledge and experiences and to provide the best support we can to our clients by our combined efforts.

I began Proactive Seniors in 2016 because I saw a need to help seniors and families have better outcomes from our health care system.  Having worked in health care as a physiotherapist and then a health care consultant for 20 years, the problem that I was seeing is that our acute-focused health system was designed to help fix people when they became unwell and not designed to help people stay well in the first place.  Seniors in particular don’t usually fare as well with acute medical interventions. For example, once a fall has occurred, it is all but impossible to be back to 100% again.  The risks and complications from being in the hospital or undergoing a surgery are also very high.  It became my focus to help seniors to better avoid the illness and injury that leads to the need for advanced medical care.  It is better to stay well then to have to recover from something that could  have been avoided.

When my father became ill, we as a family experienced the patient-side of health care for seniors and it astounded me how challenging it was both to get information from the various specialists and to ensure that information was shared between specialists.  There was also an awful lot of retrospective reflections where we could have made better decisions and he could have received better care if we had had relevant information earlier.

Proactive Seniors is a company designed to help fill the gaps in seniors care and support.  We are a private company, which allows us to be creative, nimble and innovative.  We don’t receive government funding but we try very hard to be very cost effective for our clients.  We are able to spend a lot of time really getting to know our clients so that we can provide advice, information and resources that are tailored exactly to their needs.  By doing so, we can help our clients have the information they need to make their best decisions and choices as early as possible.  Helping people to be proactive instead of reactive.  Helping people stay well, by being prepared and getting the help they need when it is needed.

Besides building and working within Proactive Seniors, I also am blessed with a wonderful family.  We love to spend time outdoors, hiking, cycling and camping although I must lament I am the only one in my household who likes to golf.   I volunteer as often as I can, usually with my teenage children’s sporting teams or schools.  And, when I have a little time to myself, I love to read.