Planning, Housing, Dementia Coach

I began Proactive Seniors in 2016, because I saw the need to provide personalized and comprehensive guidance to seniors and their families, as they navigate through the challenges of maintaining health and independence, understanding their care and housing options and accessing support in a timely manner.

Having worked as a physiotherapist in Canada and the US, and then as a healthcare consultant to the provincial and federal health ministries, it became clear to me, that our acute-care focused health system is designed to help fix people when they are unwell and less focused on helping people stay well in the first place.  Seniors don’t tend to fare as well with acute medical interventions and need much more support to prevent illness and injuries.

If illness or injury does occur, it is essential that seniors get timely and effective care.  When my father became ill, we as a family experienced the patient-side of healthcare for seniors and it astounded me how challenging and time consuming it was to research care and support options and to get help in place in a timely manner.  Reflecting on that experience, I realized that it is an unreasonable expectation for seniors and their families to figure this all out in a crisis.

Proactive Seniors is a company designed to help fill the gaps in seniors care and support.  We spend time to really get to know our clients so that we can provide advice, information and resources that are tailored exactly to their needs.  By doing so, we help our clients make their best choices and decisions as early as possible.  We help them find their unique balance between public, private and family support.  By being proactive instead of reactive, we can help seniors and their families have more confidence in the future, access the right care at the right time, and retain a high quality of life.

I feel grateful every day for the amazing, brilliant, and caring team of colleagues I have at Proactive Seniors and the rewarding time I get to spend with seniors and their families.  Outside of work I enjoy time with my family.  With my husband, and two sons on the cusp of adulthood, we love to spend time outdoors, skiing, hiking and cycling, although I must lament, I am the only one in the family who enjoys hitting a small white ball around large green fields in hopes of getting it in the hole.