Talking to Parents About Planning

Interview – Proactive Seniors on City News

City News Interview with Proactive Seniors

Often discussing health, finances and your wishes for aging are difficult conversations to have with family. Seniors may be worried about their future health and wellness and may not want to discuss these concerns with their adult children. Alternatively, adult children may find it uncomfortable to bring up their concerns with their parents. However, it is very important to open the door to these conversations. We often say, talk early and talk often.

Holidays are a great time to have these discussion. Often families that may be spread out, are together in one place. Work and other distractions are not an issue and the environment is one where good, focused discussions are more likely. Take this opportunity to open the door to discussing the future. Adult children, let your parents know that you want to know what their wishes and plans are so you can help support those goals. Seniors, let your children know that you would like to share your goals and wishes with them so that everyone is on the same page.

If starting these conversations is difficult, or you find that you are struggling to understand what help will likely be needed, who provides help and when to get it on board. Feel free to reach out to us at Proactive Seniors.

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