Calgary Mobile Health Services Offer a Convenient, Effective Alternative for Seniors

There is a growing trend in the delivery of health and wellness services: the return of the house call! For Calgary seniors, there are many reasons why getting out of the house to attend a health-related appointment is challenging, so it’s important for family members and friends to understand and provide a helping hand.

Some of these challenges can include:

  • Physical challenges such as difficulty walking, getting in and out of a vehicle or sitting for long periods in a waiting room.
  • Illness or injury that makes it tough or impossible to leave the house.
  • Stressful situations such as busy traffic, parking, getting around in bad weather or navigating unfamiliar environments.
  • Challenges with balance and/or sensory difficulties that make driving hazardous or impossible.
  • Exhaustion for seniors and caregivers when there are too many appointments.
  • Mental or cognitive impairment resulting from dementia and/or behavioral challenges such as confusion and anxiety.

If leaving the house is too challenging, seniors might choose to not attend important health appointments. Over time, this can lead to delayed treatments, missed signs of disease or progressing illness and slower recovery – all to the detriment of their long-term health and wellness. An on-call mobile care service provider, who offers both convenience and accessibility, can be the right solution to this problem.

Calgary Mobile care service providers come to your home or retirement residence during a time that is convenient. They bring the required equipment, tools and testing devices with them and take the time to build strong relationships with their clients so that they understand their needs and provide quality preventative care. Working in the home,  care providers get a much more realistic view of what’s happening and can create a customized plan to teach the senior and their family the skills needed for better wellness management. They’re also able to assess the safety of the home environment and address any risks or concerns they see. Examples of Calgary mobile wellness services include:

  • Family meeting support and seniors planning
  • Family dementia coaching
  • Retirement residence matching assessment
  • Dental hygiene
  • Optician (eye glasses)
  • Audiologists (testing and hearing aides)
  • Occupational therapists (home safety assessments)
  • Physical therapy (rehabilitation treatment)
  • Exercise therapists
  • Denturists
  • Foot care nursing
  • Home care nursing
  • Massage therapy
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Nurse practitioner care
  • Mental capacity assessment
  • Community paramedics (on site treatments and testing)