Thirteen Ways to Reduce Your Caregiver Burnout

These supportive statements will help you reduce your burnout quotient.

Begin each statement with I will:

R equest the help I need from my family and friends.

E nhance my life by taking time out for myself every day.

D ecide which battles are important to me and which ones I can let go.

U se my common sense to help make appropriate decisions for my family and me.

C onquer day-to-day problems by tackling things one at a time.

E nhance my quality of life by being as kind to myself as I am to my loved ones.


Believe in in myself every day the way others believe in me.

U plift my spirits by listening to music, reading a magazine, or taking a walk in the park.

R emember to get a routine medical examination to insure my good health.

N ourish my body, mind, and spirit to help me maintain the balance in my life.

O ften take the time to pat myself on the back for all my accomplishments.

U tilize my numerous strengths to he4lp me face my caregiver responsibilities.

T rust myself because I am doing the best job that I can for the people I love.

Read these statements out loud, silently, or share them with a friend. Choose one idea at a time, or as many as you feel comfortable with, to enhance your quality of life.

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Susan Beerman and Judith Rapaport- Musson