Hanson, RN

Family Liaison

My philosophy of care as a registered nurse is one of dedication to provide seniors and their families the best possible care. I love my profession and have always had an overall regard for the wellbeing of seniors. I have cared for my aging parents and experienced and embraced the challenges of aging. I also realize, as times goes by, that life is shorter than we thought in our youth. I would like to “pay it forward” by assisting seniors during their later years, helping them to navigate the “New World” and learn more of the new opportunities in our current society.

My background includes many years of clinical experience in older adult care. My longstanding career with the Calgary Health Region includes senior leadership positions as Coordinator of Medical Nursing, Director of Patient Care, and Director of Nursing. While holding these positions, I was responsible for staff wellbeing, visioning, management, and program planning, among other duties.

I went on to teach in the undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing program at the University of Calgary, where this gratifying role allowed me to introduce young nursing students to the rewarding world of nursing. I also hold a Masters of Nursing from the University of Calgary.