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Coming Together as a Community

In 2018 we were blessed to meet Al Del Degan and his mother Ida Varga.  Ida was an artist and a beloved mother.  To us she became a source of light in our day, our sunshine.

When we first met Ida her physical and mental wellness was deteriorating.  Son Al did not know how to help his mom; he was worried that her ability to continue to live independently in her condo was in jeopardy.  Al realized that the best way for him to support his mom was to get help from professionals. 

We started with our Proactive Seniors Plan which identified numerous areas where Ida was at risk.   Shy and reserved by nature, Ida bravely accepted our help, stepping outside her comfort zone to let us into her home and her life.   Over the course of the year we guided Ida and her family through many much needed services and supports, ranging from medication reduction with her family doctor through to safety modifications in her home, meal support for healthier eating and participation in an adult day program through AHS.  We transitioned Ida into our Family Support program where our amazing Judy would meet with Ida weekly to work on ongoing support tasks and to spend quality time enjoying each other’s company.

The transformation we saw in this quiet, unassuming lady was amazing.  Ida blossomed: her interest in art re-ignited, her sense of humor restored and her independence and ability to stay home on her own terms revived.

Sadly, we recently lost Ida to cancer.  Ida’s family held an auction of her artwork and have kindly donated the proceeds in her name.  These funds are the seed that we will nurture and grow with support from our community, so that we can bring a little of Ida’s sunshine into the lives of other low-income seniors.

Sunshine Fund

Established April 2020

Making a plan to be able to stay in your home more safely and longer, or, deciding where to move for added support is universally challenging.  There are a lot of free or discounted services for the lower-income senior, but they can be very difficult to find, understand and apply for.

The Sunshine Fund is created to connect those individuals and companies who can provide financial support with seniors in need.  With this sponsorship we will help low income seniors through our Proactive Seniors Planning and Seniors Housing Support Services.   

Sunshine Fund Sponsors

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  • Are you a client or family member that has seen the value of our services?
  • Are you a company whom we refer our clients to as a vetted and high-quality seniors service provider?
  • Are you passionate about helping seniors have an opportunity to plan ahead and live well?

Please reach out to us at or call (403) 809-1971 to help sponsor a low income senior