Advisory Board

I have experienced healthcare from the hospital bedside to senior government offices.  My passion has been to provide the best possible care while never compromising the autonomy and dignity of the patient.

I was blessed in my later career to be involved in developing distance healthcare for northern communities with limited resources.

A defining moment came when my 85 year old mother was ill with high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.  At that time she was admitted frequently to the emergency and hospital, sometimes for stays of up to two months.  She eventually became blind from her ongoing, out of control diabetes.  At that time, she began daily checks with a healthcare provider.  From that day forward, the proactive visits resulted in a much improved lifestyle – no more visits to the hospital until she passed 3 years later.

I was so thankful to the team that provide this proactive care.  I became fascinated as to how I could help others stay at home, manage their health and live independent lives without costing a fortune.

I am excited to be part of the Proactive Seniors Team as a member of their Advisory Board.  I look forward to helping this team and their clients craft their ‘wisdom years’ and reflect their goals and values in the ever more complicated world of healthcare.