January 2019 Proactive Seniors Monthly Newsletter

January 2019 Proactive Seniors Monthly Newsletter

All of us at Proactive Seniors wish you a happy and healthy 2019.  Thank you for joining us, this is the third instalment of our monthly newsletter.  We have created the Proactive Seniors monthly newsletter to provide useful information, tips and strategies that seniors or people who are blessed with seniors in their lives, can use to make life better. Feel free to pass it along to a friend or family member who would benefit from this kind of information. Subscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter or by visiting our website at www.proactiveseniors.ca.  
Timely Topic – Organizing and Decluttering
A new year always seems to bring forward peoples goals to “get organized”. One of this years hit television shows is all about organizing and decluttering.  If you haven’t seen it yet – check out Marie Kondo, on Netflix, Youtube or get her book from the library.  I have only watched a few episodes but it is quite rewarding to see people go from chaos to calm in their homes.   The main premise is to only keep items that bring you joy. 

Organizing and decluttering doesn’t have to wait until a move is imminent. However, this life change is often the motivator to simplify and scale down. Once a retirement residence has been chosen, seniors then start to prepare for their move with the following steps:
  • Determine what furniture and accessories you need and want to bring with you to the new location
  • Use a scale drawing to see where everything will fit – be sure to consider where outlets are and how to best move around in the new space
  • Determine if any new furniture needs to be purchased (often a smaller bed will be requried)
  • Identify what you will do with the remaining furniture (put a post-it note on each piece to identify where it will go – family, friends, auction, estate sale, donation)
  • Sort through possessions and make piles (keep, sell, donate, dispose) 
  • Create an inventory of what you are keeping on the outside of their boxes
  • Shred personal documents that don’t need to be kept
  • Don’t discard un-used medication in the toilet or garbage – it should go back to the pharmacy
Depending on the timing of the move and possible sale of your house, you may need to keep certain items in the home for staging purposes.  Remove as much clutter as possible so that the house shows at its best.  A home inspection prior to moving will give you an idea of any fixing up that you should do.  

Organizing and de-cluttering is a great opportunity to collect together family heirlooms, mementos and important peices of your history.  Consider enlisting family support or you can hire a professional to help you create memory books, videos or other ways to honour your history and share it with future generations. 
Living Well Tip of the Month

If you are planning to move this year start organizing and paring back 6 months before.  Tackle one small space each week. Start in the areas you rarely use such as a spare room or closet. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.
Is Staying in Your Home
Using all Your Time and Energy?

Even though you love your family home, you might want to consider what you would gain by moving to a retirement community where you could focus your time and energy on more enjoyable pursuits instead of home management and maintenance.

Lifestyle Benefits Found in a Retirment Community:

  • Less Cooking but Better Eating:  Are you getting tired of grocery shopping and cooking everyday?  Are you not eating as well as you should? Some retirement residences provide 3 meals per day plus snacks and some have flexible meal programs where you can either cook in  your suite or eat in the dining room or bistro.  When we set up a tour, we can also book a complimentary meal.
  • Put your Energy towards Social Pursuits: Are your neighbourhood friends moving away?  Is it getting harder to get out to visit people and therefore you are becoming isolated?  Retirement residences have built in social opportunities.  There will be fitness classes, activity groups, social events and outings to join if you want too.  Many retirement residences have a particular activity focus or specialty. We can help you find the location that appeals to you the most. 
  • Simplify Transportation: You can bring your car to a retirement community and/or you can use their transportation services.  All residences provide transportation for scheduled outings but some will also allow personal use of their drivers.  If you have given up your drivers license, retirement residence living can ease the challenges of getting around.  It can be a financial an emotional relief to not be driving around on our icy winter roads.   
  • Built in Safety Features: Are you worried about falling or getting hurt at home and not having anyone nearby to help?  Retirement residences are designed with helpful bars and railings and no need to use stairs.  Most have emergency call features in the suites and/or wearable devices.  With staff and other residents nearby, help is close at hand. 
  • Flexible Support On Hand:  When you need help from family members you have to wait for their availability.  If you get assistance from public or private home care – the visits need to be scheduled and you have to get all your “help” at once.  It is important to choose a retirement residence that has what you need in terms of caregivers on-site, where you have the flexibility of getting the help you need spread out, over the course of a day. 
Legacy – Thinking LONG Term 
Guest Article by Al Del Degan 
When you think about a person’s life history, often that person doesn’t think their life was that interesting.  What they don’t realize is that their life story is incredibly fascinating to everyone else.  In fact, everyone is interesting, and the simplest things that we all take for granted are often what make us unique.  Things like school, friends, jobs, family and physical locations that we lived all play a role in our diversity.  When it is all thrown together, it makes for a great story that rivals any movie you have seen or book you have read, and it is real.  Just that fact alone makes it valuable, not only to immediate family, but to future generations. 
Next time you visit your local museum, take a moment to think about where all the details about the items in the exhibit came from.  Often, they are derived from journals and writings like biographies and newspaper articles that were written by passionate people who knew how important human history is. One hundred years ago the world was focused on the first world war.  The newspaper and radio broadcasts were often used to provide the general public with information that either the government or the media wanted share, but with their own twist on it to sway public opinion.  The “true” stories were only told years later when people were interviewed, and old journals were found, often long after the writers of those journals had passed.
In our modern age with television, blogs, vlogs, YouTube, and online magazines & news, it is hard to know what to believe anymore.  Our history is now being told by politicians, celebrities, as well as people looking to increase their number of followers and viewers on Social media platforms.  Of course, there is still those remaining big media companies that are trying to compete for eyeballs and short attention spans.  Rarely do you get to learn the true history of society from the people who actually lived it every day. 
It is more important than ever to write regularly in a journal and to ultimately capture your life story / autobiography / memoirs.  If you do, one hundred years from now future generations can learn what life was really like and what you accomplished during your footprint in the history of humankind.
Al Del Degan
Founding Partner & Anthologist
Capturing Legacies Inc.
(403) 703-9853

We Appreciate Your Referrals!

At Proactive Seniors most of our clients come through word-of-mouth referral. We are very proud that our clients and care partners show their trust in us.

To say thank you, each month we draw a name from the growing pool of people who have referred a client to us.  For January our winning referrer is Jennifer L. There is a $50 dinner gift card on its way to you!   Thanks Jenn!

Getting To Know Judy Deleo

Each month we will highlight a different team member.  For January let’s meet Judy Deleo    

Judy has been providing support for Calgary seniors and their families for over 13 years.  She comes from a background in home care and retirement living. Her compassion, and understanding of the challenges of navigating the many options for seniors resources, are the driving forces in her work with the Calgary senior community.  Her deeply caring and light-hearted way of connecting with people helps ease the overwhelm that often comes with this journey.  Judy throws her positive energy and big heart into everything she does and everyone she helps.  

Judy grew up in Calgary and loves being outdoors, going to the mountains, and has always been drawn to water, whether it’s a stream, a river, a lake, a waterfall, or the ocean. She also loves walking in the woods, and the mystery of what lies hidden from the well-worn path, which she explores with her creative pursuit in nature photography. Judy and her husband have four incredible adult children and two amazing granddaughters (so far!). Family focus has been her favourite and most rewarding pursuit, and she feeds her passion for getting out in nature and capturing its beauty with photography and some creative writing, in her spare time.

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