Supporting Seniors and their Families Through Education

Monthly Educational Webinars

At Proactive Seniors we are committed to providing educational information to seniors and their families.  We believe that better planning, better decisions and better outcomes are achieved when people have the information that is relevant to their issues and concerns.

Normally we do regular in-person education seminars for groups, clubs and organizations.  However with Covid we have switched to an online webinar approach.  We certainly miss interacting with our participants in person but the upside of a webinar is that we can reach a broader audience.  So feel free to invite your club, your neighbour or your family. There is no size limit to our group.

Presentation will be followed by a question and answer time.  And as always, if you have any questions that didn’t get answered please feel free to reach out to us with an email.

Technology Message:  We use the Microsoft Teams videoconferencing platform so if you are not familiar with that application you can download the application or access it through your web browser.

Webinar Calendar

February 18, 2021 Topic: Taking Emotional Care of your Heart Register Here

March 18, 2021 Topic: Making a Move: Is it time to consider a senior living community? Register Here

April 22, 2021 Topic: Keeping Your Cool: Calm and Clear Communication for Dementia Caregivers Register Here

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